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Waste Processing Plants

Helping you to move on from landfills





Reducing our collective reliance on landfills is crucial, and everybody from households to businesses need to do their part.

Azure & Green are proud to play a role in moving towards a more sustainable future by helping organisations reach their sustainability goals with our range of innovative solid waste treatment plants.



We're here to make your organisation a Zero Landfill organisation

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Biothermic Digesters 

Ready to take your business forward towards a more sustainable future? Enter Azure & Green's biothermic digesters.

This technology is suitable for a range of industrial and commercial settings involving the disposal of large amounts of organic waste, including:

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Commercial Buildings

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Catering Facilities


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Medium & Large STP


Learn more about our selection of Biothermic Digesters and how they work here.





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What are the benefits of Azure & Green's range of waste processing plants?

 A significant reduction in your organisation's greenhouse gas emissions (Both from the reduction of methane emissions in landfills and carbon monoxide emissions from waste transportation)

 Enhancing soil fertility and sustainable agriculture, thanks to the soil conditioner byproduct

 Conserving natural resources, due to our Biothermic Digesters' use of naturally-occurring bacteria and enzymes

 Potentially reducing your organisation's landfill usage to zero




Why should you endeavour to reduce your organisation's landfill usage to zero?


 Preventing landfill overflow 

Landfills across the globe are nearing capacity, and with a finite amount of land to be converted into landfill this poses a serious issue for future generations.

 Increased Efficiency 

Optimising your organisation's waste management practices can lead to operational efficiencies and potentially lower overall waste disposal costs.

 Pollution Prevention 

Landfills carry an inherent risk of soil and water contamination from leachate, the liquid that drains through landfills.


 Cost Savings 

Recognising the issue of growing and overfilling landfills, both local and national governments are moving to disincentivise their use with hikes in their costs – Indeed, the landfill tax in the UK is set to rise by more than 20% from 2025, from £103.70 per tonne as the standard rate to £126.15.

 Greenhouse gas reduction 

Decomposing organic waste in landfills releasees methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. In diverting organic waste away from landfills, your organisation is actively combatting climate change.