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Closing the loop on your facility's effluent

Azure & Green believes that industrial wastewater treatment shouldn't just be effective – It should be a force for positive change.

As a driving force in the waste treatment plant industry, we're proud to offer a robust selection of effluent treatment plants designed to transform industrial effluent into usable water - All while minimising your organisation's environmental footprint.

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Why should you install an effluent treatment plant?

 They reduce your environmental impact

Effluent treatment plants remove pollutants and contaminants from industrial wastewater before it's discharged, protecting waterways, ecosystems and public health by preventing water pollution.

 They allow for the reuse of water

Our effluent treatment plants treat water to a level far beyond regulatory standards, allowing for the reuse of the treated water for landscaping, irrigation or certain industrial processes. This serves to reduce reliance on freshwater resources, promoting water conservation.

 They can improve your production efficiencies

In closing the loop on water usage, effluent treatment systems can contribute to a more efficient overall production cycle.

Have any questions or concerns about treating your organisation's effluence?

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Azure & Green effluent treatment plant top view

Azure & Green effluent treatment plant tanks

Azure & Green effluent treatment plant pipework




Why should you choose Azure & Green for your effluent waste treatment plant needs?

 customised solutions 

We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team will work closely with you to design a tailored system that perfectly meets your specific needs and effluent discharge requirements.

 regulatory compliance 

Azure & Green understands the complexities of environmental regulations, and design our effluent treatment plants accordingly to ensure consistent compliance with all relevant standards.

 committed to excellence 

Azure & Green stands out for our unwavering dedication to quality, from our use of advanced filtration technologies to state-of-the-art plant designs that ensure long-lasting performance.




We're here to create sustainable solutions for your industry

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