Azure & Green have been working towards a greener future for over 5 years.

As specialists in sewage and food waste management solutions, we've helped businesses both in the UK and the UAE manage their organic waste, minimise their environmental footprints and move towards having zero waste to landfill, all while enjoying the logistics and space benefits of an in-house waste treatment plant system.

Organic Solid Waste

European waste site grown over with new plants



Discover the potential of responsible waste disposal

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Transforming waste into a resource

Landfills are not only unsustainable from a space perspective, with landfill capacity becoming a dwindling resource year upon year, but they remain one of the UK's main sources of harmful methane emissions.

Azure & Green was founded on the idea of a better way.

Our innovative waste treatment plants and innovative bio-digesters offer businesses across a whole plethora of industries an eco-friendly alternative for managing their solid waste and wastewater. Our range of products:

  • Break down organic waste naturally, converting waste into usable resources like nutrient-rich soil conditioners or reusable freshwater
  • Reduce your business's reliance on landfills, helping you to both minimise your carbon footprint and profit margins (Thanks to a looming 20% increase in lower-rate landfill charges).
  • Reduce your reliance on unwieldy and often-unsanitary waste management infrastructure like commercial food waste storage and industrial-sized dumpsters.

Wastewater Treatments




Why choose Azure & Green for your waste treatment plants?


 Our Years of Experience 

The Azure & Green team have combined decades of experience in sewage, water and food waste management, spanning consultation, design, manufacturing and installation. We stand as environmental pioneers in this industry, and we leverage every bit of our expertise when it comes to providing customised solutions.

 Our Commitment to Quality 

Each Azure & Green product has been manufactured in line with our exacting standards, from the top-grade materials we use to our rigorous testing process. The result is a range of simple-to-use yet long-lasting waste treatment plants, which typically have a far smaller space footprint when compared to competing plants.

 Our Collaborative Approach 

We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and challenges, tailoring our solutions accordingly. Whether you require a compact, space-efficient wastewater treatment system for a construction site or larger food waste management plant for a supermarket, Azure & Green rises to the occasion.

 Our Innovative Designs 

Our plants integrate a range of cutting-edge technologies such as our rigorously-tested bacteria and enzyme blends and disk filtration systems. Expect superior performance, faster waste processing times and unmatched results.




Let's turn your organisation's waste into opportunity

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Frequently asked questions about Azure & Green:

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How will the products be installed?

Depending on the product, site specifics, and your business requirements, our installation process and timelines vary. We tailor each process and timeframe to your needs, which we'll discuss with you.

Will the installation disrupt our operations?

Our installation process aims to be as seamless as possible, with our installers delivering the plants, setting them up that same day and departing without causing any disturbances. All we need is a concrete pad and a pre-discussed electrical supply.

Who will be installing it?

One of our in-house installation teams.

Do your waste treatment plants come with a warranty?

Every Azure & Green product comes with a 12-month warranty, including bacteria and everything else.

Where do you deliver and install?

We can cater to businesses across the world. Presently, our bases are located in both the UK and Dubai.