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Founded and led by pioneers in the field of organic solid waste management systems, we leverage cutting-edge technology and engineering to deliver the highest-quality waste treatment plants and bio-digesters in the industry.

Informed by research and experience alike, our innovative range of waste treatment plants offer efficiency, superior eco-friendliness and streamlined ease of use all in a single package. Whether you operate in the hospitality, entertainment or food industries, our products allow you to minimise your ecological footprint and maximise your sustainability.



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Biothermic Digesters 

The premier choice for commercial businesses looking to reduce or even erase their reliance on landfills, our bio thermic digesters use a simple combination of heat and a unique combination of bacteria and enzymes to turn organic waste into useful soil conditioners.

The result? A minimised ecological footprint and a maximised commitment to sustainability, ideal for organisations looking to qualify for zero discharge to landfill.

Biothermic Digesters


sewage treatment plant top view

Sewage Treatment Plants 

Azure & Green offer a variety of simple and effective sewage treatment plant solutions to fit your specific needs, from traditional extended aeration systems to cutting-edge membrane bio-reactors for reusing waste.

We can both design custom systems to meet your facility's unique requirements or provide convenient packaged plants, perfect for temporary locations like camps or construction sites.

Sewage Treatment Plants


Azure & Green effluent treatment plant

Effluent Treatment Plants 

As a leading manufacturer of effluent treatment plants, we offer specialised systems for transforming wastewater from industries like dairies, textile factories and petrochemical plants into clean water for irrigation, landscaping or even reusing in your industrial process.

Each effluent treatment plan is designed for minimal operation and maintenance, saving you time and money in the long-term while minimising your impact on the local ecosystem.

Effluent Treatment Plants


clean waste water treatment plant

Drain Degreasing Systems 

Even the most advanced wastewater system will lose efficiency over time, due to the buildup of fat and grease. This can lead to expensive clogs, repairs and downtime.

Azure & Green offer a preventative solution with our complete degreasing system, which makes use of an enzyme-based solution to both break down existing buildup and prevent new blockages from forming. The system is both easy to install and requires minimal monitoring for hands-free degreasing.

Drain Degreasing Systems



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What's the common theme across our waste treatment plants?


 Eco-Friendly Solutions 

The foundation of each waste treatment plant system are our unique concentrated blends of naturally-occurring bacteria and enzymes, which seamlessly break down solid waste, sewage, effluence and more into environmentally-friendly and often usable organic materials like soil conditioners or water. 

 Customisable Solutions 

There are no cut-and-dry one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to managing waste. That's why we offer a wide range of capacities and treatment options with each waste treatment plant, with our sewage and effluent treatment solutions being completely personalised to your individual needs.

 Versatile Usages 

Any and all organisations that produce waste can take advantage of the Azure & Green range of waste treatment products, which have seen use by businesses as diverse as hotels, slaughterhouses and gated communities. 







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